Monday, 17 June 2013

Liz's Surprise Baby Shower - A Baking Party

A few months back I received an email from Lindsey who was plotting a secret baby shower and afternoon tea party for her friend Liz. She wanted to book me to pop over and teach them some of my delicious afternoon tea recipes in preparation for their own little feast later that afternoon. Baby Shower Baking Party She had invited me to join her and 7 of her friends in Cottenham to set up base in one of their kitchens. Once we were ready she popped out to pick up an unsuspecting Liz, who had absolutely no idea what was happening, what fabulous friends this lady has! Baby Shower Baking Party They had all brought their gorgeous aprons with them and were sipping on Pimms and softer drinks for the pregnant lady herself. It was a warm day, but with the relaxing background music playing and a breeze coming through the window, it was the perfect afternoon for a baking party. Cath Kidston Aprons To make the pre-agreed recipes for this baking lesson, I put the ladies into two smaller groups, one making their Chocolate & Malteaser Layer Cake and whilst their sponges were baking, the second group came into the kitchen and made their Fruit & Spice Scones with a Streusel topping. Once the sponges were out of the oven, we popped the scones in and let them bake, it was fantastic team work. This worked so well, giving everyone time to pop back into the lounge and pamper Liz in between my lessons. The buzz was so nice to hear and I felt genuinely honored to be a part of their celebration. Afternoon Tea Baking Lesson We then piped the chocolate buttercream and finished off the treats, with them being presented on a beautifully laid afternoon tea table on afternoon tea stands, complete with cucumber finger sandwiches and chocolate-dipped strawberries to match their vintage-style pots of tea perfectly. It was so much fun to teach and I loved watching these ladies working together to create a sophisticated baby shower for Liz, of whom also looked to be really enjoying herself too. It was funny in fact, as she had joined an afternoon tea etiquette event with myself and William Hanson earlier in the year with Lindsey & their friend Andrea and she had said to them both there that she would love to have something similar for a baby shower. She was completely unaware that Lindsey had already booked me by that point and we had to be very careful not to let the cat out of the bag, very amusing indeed. Baking Lesson at Home Whilst chatting to her later on, she said she had guessed the ladies were up to something, but had no idea I was involved, hurrah, I do love a surprise or two! Baking parties with my creative help are a superb way to enjoy a celebration with your friends or family, just ask these ladies... or email me at to chat about your own baking party needs. Miss Sue Flay Baking Lessons Miss Sue Flay To take a nosey at the full photo album from this baking party, visit my Facebook page here. Baby Shower Cambridge

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