Saturday, 22 June 2013

Revisited: Greens Coffee & Co, Cambourne

I'm a huge fan of my local coffee shop and not just because its on my doorstep. Greens Coffee & Co Cambourne There are a whole variety of reasons why I visit Greens Coffee & Co in Cambourne, be it for the friendly service and chatty staff, fantastic live music nights they put on every month, the great tea & coffee that fuels me for a blogging session or some lesson planning or simply for the real sense of community it provides me. I can walk into this fantastic Cambridgeshire based coffee shop and see at least one or two faces I know, be it from the business or blogging world or from my own social life (even if its currently a small part of my life ; )  and this makes it a little sanctuary that I crave for some company from time to time. I last blogged about Greens a couple of years ago, realising just last week how outdated this post actually is nowadays. They have come so far since that last blog post, with their recent offerings being freshly made panini's, bagels, "design your own toasties", sandwiches, baguettes, as well as salads and even meat and vegetarian platters for lunch. With the recent cold spell, they have also been toying with new hot food too such as delicious looking "Sloppy Joes" and Keralan Curries to name just a few. Greens Coffee & Co Cambourne They have also started using local cake makers including Cambourne-based company "The Ladybird Bakery" and their carrot cake is simply to die for. Well, maybe not worthy of dying for, but you catch my drift! You get a healthy sized wedge of cake per serving and you really just can't beat homemade when it comes to sweet treats. Julie, Aron & their superb team are always chatting to their customers asking for feedback and gaining ideas that they ACTUALLY try out, they really do listen to their customers. They have recently taken stock of the feedback they were provided from a customer survey over a matter of months and have decided to open on Sundays, re-working their opening times accordingly to open where they were wanted & needed, this is such a treat for Cambourne. Greens Coffee & Co Cambourne Queue Sunday morning brunches, of which I tried this week and was far from disappointed. They have everything from pastries, low fat yoghurt with granola & fresh fruit and even salmon & scrambled egg on toast, of which I opted for. Although I had to argue with myself over that or their sautéed mushrooms on toast. Their scrambled egg was made just how I like it, nice ad soft, no hard scrambled rubber here and the salmon was melt in the mouth. It was fantastic value for money and I want to go back every Sunday, this sort of food is appealing after a cake overload with the Cambridge Bake Off over the last few weeks haha. Greens Coffee & Co Cambourne Their next live music night is an open mic night on 27th June at 7:30pm and if the sun comes out, their patio area is super for a glass of vino, a Mojito or even a hot apple pie cocktail and a bowl of gourmet nuts... should summer re-appear anytime soon! And if it doesn't, well, there is a brilliant buzz inside not to be mocked. If you live in or even near to Cambourne, go. And if you don't, come and visit you lazy beggar, you won't be disappointed! You will often find me sat in Greens with a pot of tea or a skinny frappe and a face of concentration, usually writing or doing the tasks I can't do without a friendly buzz around me as a home worker, so if you spot me, do come and say hi, I won't bite & I love to chat ; ) Greens Coffee & Co Cambourne New opening times as follows: Monday: Closed Tuesday - Friday: 8:30am - 4pm Saturday: 9am - 4pm Sunday: 10am - 3pm (with brunch until 1pm) Open to 11pm on music and open mic nights! Or follow them on Facebook for saliva-inducing updates! You can also view my full photo album on this coffee shop here. Miss Sue Flay Greens Coffee & Co Cambourne NB- I've not been paid or bribed to write this blog post, it's simply a venue worthy of the support. These are of course my own personal views, sometimes a venue may have a very good day or a very bad day, so I can only comment on my own experiences at the time of visiting, if I don't go regularly. I hold no responsibility for a bad experience after my ratings! It's also nature of the beast that places do close down, so if I am not aware of it, I may continue to recommend a venue. It's well worth calling ahead for any Afternoon Tea that requires booking as common courtesy and checking the finer details directly with the venue to book if necessary.

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