Thursday, 18 July 2013

A Very Indian Afternoon Tea With Deepa Mistry

I can't tell you JUST how excited I am to share some local foodie news in the form of a brand new supperclub in Cambridge! Indian Afternoon Tea Deepa is my co-host for The Clandestine Cake Club in Cambridge and she not only makes stunning jewellery, of which I own a few pieces myself, but she also cooks amazing food and bakes a mean cake or two. She blogs her favourite recipes and shares her food travels with her readers, so do follow her blog for an interesting read as she samples some inspiring meals and treats. Lazy Giraffe Blog After a lot of talk about hosting her own supperclub, she is FINALLY setting a date! "After lots of talking, thinking and encouragement from the lovely people who make up the Cambridge food blogger 'scene' (not sure I like that word but it fits) I have decided to hold two events celebrating Indian food" she quotes. Indian Afternoon Tea She's starting with afternoon tea (hurrah!) at a secret location, of which has been in the planning since late last year and after that she will be hosting a supperclub where she'll be cooking up an all vegetarian Gujarati feast for around 15 guests. Masala Chai Cake  Indian Afternoon Tea – Sunday 4th August, 3pm – 5pm  - a few places left A central Cambridge location, not far from the rail station   The much loved British afternoon tea but with an Indian / Gujarati twist. Savoury nibbles (think Indian street food) to begin, sweet treats, a masala chai cake and of course tea!  £19 per person To book places for the afternoon tea simply email with the number of places you'd like and she will send you payment info prior to the event. Indian Supperclub Gujarati Supperclub – no date as yet but it will be late August / early September.  She's still searching for the perfect venue, plus perfecting a stack of perfectly round rotli (chapatti) - This is going to be a supperclub not to miss! I'm really excited for Deepa as I know after her recent trip to India just how inspired she has been, but how tremendously busy her work life has been (putting a spanner in the works for some time). Lazy Giraffe Blog I have also offered my waitressing skills to ensure that Deepa can focus and enjoy the hosting, so if you do go along, you may well see me attempting a faulty towers-esque service for the lovely lady! Book your seat now, her food does not disappoint, trust me! Clandestine Cake Club Cambridge Miss Sue Flay

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