Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Brain Melt After The Blogcademy London

The Blogcademy London Miss Sue Flay By Of Girl Sign Shoreditch

It's been one FULL on weekend, full of inspiration when it comes to blogging & social media as well as an exciting opportunity to meet 30 passionate bloggers and I've made plenty of new friendships over the last 3 or 4 days - it's been an amazing experience.

I can't recount everything I've learnt right now, there is so much to take in, I've actually had to take a day out just to breath and gather my thoughts - it's been more overwhelming that I had imagined it might be. Instagram also got a hammering, I don't think I've used it so much in a while, I've become addicted once again - oh dear!

The Blogcademy London Miss Sue Flay

That's no bad thing, I must say - I've got huge plans and very itchy feet now that I'm a free woman... I'm my own boss and I have dreams and thoughts about travelling all over the place, I have a need and it must be fulfilled.

Now to just figure out how to do this and start seeing some of the world... I need to leave my little "Cambridge Bubble" and experience a new lifestyle. In the meantime, I leave you with some pictures of a fantastic weekend at The Blogcademy in London! 

Where to first?!...

The Blogcademy London Miss Sue Flay

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