Thursday, 31 July 2014

#AfternoonTeaWeekChallenge: An Instagram Challenge

Afternoon Tea Week Instagram Challenge with Miss Sue Flay Are you as infatuated with afternoon tea as the craziest of afternoon tea fanatics? Recently I learnt (after a visit on a fantastic afternoon tea BUS in London!) of a national afternoon tea week organised by the British Afternoon Tea Guide and I have decided to create my own way to connect afternoon tea addicts through the power of Instagram. This is my favourite social media platform for showing off my afternoon tea adventures with pretty filters over stunning afternoon tea offerings and I thought how great it would be to get everyone else as barmy as me about tea and cake together to do the same and connect whilst doing so... I recently enjoyed taking part in a favourite blogger of mine's own Instagram challenge (#RadicalSelfLoveJuly) and I enjoyed doing this so much that I thought I would put my own spin on this idea. Starting on 11th August, I'm planning to use Instagram to enjoy a week of afternoon tea treats... and I would absolutely love for you all to join me! All you need to do is put the hashtag #AfternoonTeaWeekChallenge on your pictures and posts. With this hashtag, you'll be able to explore the wonderful world of afternoon tea and enjoy seeing what other treats people are enjoying out there throughout the week. This should also help anyone who's struggling to get to grips with Instagram and gives you a fun way to get used to this fun and social network whilst nibbling on a cream tea or enjoying a good old fashioned cuppa.


 Afternoon Tea Week Instagram Challenge with Miss Sue Flay 11th August: Mini Afternoon Tea Say hello to the rest of the afternoon tea nutters out there and enjoy an elevenses or a early afternoon indulgence over a book, bath or some other relaxing and inventive way to enjoy afternoon tea. It may just be a cupcake and your favourite brew, show us your style. 12th August: Etiquette of Afternoon Tea Do you enjoy afternoon tea, being the perfect host and the more traditional ways to eat your scone or drink your tea? Or perhaps you know nothing of afternoon tea etiquette? Are you a biscuit dunker? Do you starch your napkins? Show us your manners... the good, the bad and even the ugly. 13th August: An Unusual Afternoon Tea Get creative, put your own spin on a traditional afternoon tea and create a themed spread or enjoy a new and unusual afternoon at a top hotel or venue. Snap a photo that captures your different or darn right quirky tea table. 14th August: Your own Afternoon Tea What makes the perfect afternoon tea? Perhaps you have a "go to" recipe, the most fool-proof scones or a unique tea blend that works well with your home baked treats. Show us your passion when it comes to a cream tea, share it with your family or friends. 15th August: The Perfect Finger Sandwich How do you make yours? Crusts on or off? Square, round or open-topped? Do you choose the traditional one filling per sandwich or do you like to mix flavours and fillings and satisfy more modern tastes? Take a picture or make a video of your perfect sarnie. 16th August: Al Fresco Afternoon Tea  Get away from your usual surroundings and enjoy an afternoon tea out in the big wide world. Do you like to sip champagne up in the air on a hot air balloon ride or enjoy a family get together over a rustic picnic in the forest? Share your afternoon tea adventures. 17th August: Your Favourite Tea If you were stuck on a desert island, which one tea would you rather be stranded with? Where is your favourite tea shop or supplier? Show us your favourite teas and the people around it... Miss Sue Flay Afternoon Tea Catering What if I miss a day? No worries at all, just catch up as you fancy, there's no pressure. Can I post the #AfternoonTeaWeekChallenge graphics to my Instagram/Twitter?  Yes, please do! It's a great way to share the afternoon tea love and you can use it to refer to, simply use the hashtag when posting it please.   Enjoy!   Miss Sue Flay Logo     This post is in no means sponsored, simply my idea to have some fun on Instagram and share the afternoon tea love, baby!

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