Thursday, 7 August 2014

Around The World In 80 Stays

Greek Church 80 Stays I don't know about you, but I get itchy feet from time to time and lately... well, I've not stopped itching! I'm not too adventurous when it comes to travel, I've visited Egypt alone on a day trip to Cairo whilst holidaying in Cyprus, but that's about it. I've taken myself to Cornwall, Devon, the Lake District and have enjoyed a beautiful & snowy weekend break in Prague, but something is missing from my life. After all of the redundancies and other such exciting moments in life, it's now a little calmer, I'm happily running my business and support network over at and I'm allowing myself to work from wherever I may be sat in the world. Reviewing hotels and spas across the UK has given me an appetite for bigger and more exciting things and I've decided to set myself a little interesting challenge.... I'm going to travel around the world in 80 stays.  30 before 30 This might find me jetting off to Milan, hot-air ballooning across the desert, cruising on the med, or enjoying a weekend break in New York... or it could just see me taking a poodle up to Edinburgh for a day or two... I'm very excited! I'm opening my mind, allowing myself to say yes to opportunities that I may have once said no to and I'm going to see where it takes me.  I am on a slight budget have no money saved up to do this, so I'm going to be relying on time (to save up the pennies where needed) and on the generosity creativity of my new friends and yourselves to help me along the way and to make this a unique itinerary - I want to stay in places people won't get a chance to stay on a normal trip! Perhaps you have a friend who goes away on business a lot and they their cat needs feeding in their LA Manchester apartment whilst they're away (i'm trained to a Royal standard in Household Management, so I'm perfect for house sitting!)... or you might need some help for a few days on a project and are happy to offer me a bed & some home-cooked food to earn my keep! The support of my readers and social media followers will be important.. a stay could be with a friend, not just in a hotel. I'd love to sample supper clubs or real family meals around a table with cultured strangers (and brand new friends to be made!) and I may even agree to car sharing with somebody off on their own adventures who may be in need of some company. Egypt 80 Stays I'm going to attempt to be a "yes" girl and see where the wind takes me... Any ideas where I should hop off to first?... Paris? Texas? Australia? Cardiff? Sicily? Peru? Essex? I'd love to hear from you if you can make any suggestions, offer an interesting experience or stay and I'll be blogging every single stay, from a day out through to mini adventure. I'll be taking selfies, photos and writing journal-type posts as I go, it's one rather large idea and one that all of a sudden is starting to feel quite overwhelming...   Bring it on!    If you are on Twitter, follow my progress and chat to me @MissSueFlay...I've even created a hashtag #80stays plane Egypt 80 Stays

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