Saturday, 5 March 2011


Following on from the GREAT blogging advice that was given to us at the Food Blogging Conference from the lovely Daniel Young....I have decided to make a regular spot on my Blog, so that all my trusted followers will know EXACTLY when to read in and see what mischief I have been up to each week! 

I still plan to waffle every few days, or when I see fit!.....But my regular spot will be FEEL GOOD FRIDAY!........ And it will be exactly what it says on the tin! ....You can read about what I have baked or found or did or smelt or had happen to me that makes me feel good...On a Friday!

So This Friday was the first event in a while that has had me in stitches.... "I Haven't a Kazoo" - a local students take on the panel show "Never Mind The Buzzcocks" held at CB2 Cafe & Bistro on Norfolk Street.

Not really knowing what we were letting ourselves in for...6 of us strolled into town and met up for much Japes and Bants! (Thanks goes to Lingers for this terminology!)

This was just one of my top ten things to try out in Cambridge for March... so I dragged some friends along for the musical ride!!....

We enjoyed the panel show, listening to the 4 guys discussing music and current affairs, as well as listening to their interesting take on Lady Gaga and other popular tracks on the Kazoo and Recorder... it felt very much like sitting in and listening to a group of friends in the middle of a pub chat. Very amusing. 

The drunken polish lady in front of us claimed to be a professor for one of the universities, and she was almost as funny as the crew were! We even managed to persuade her that one of our friends "Used to be in the band, titled MUSE"....Much to our amusement, she took the bait and discussed popular music and the industry with him as well as introducing him to the ORGANISER of the event as we had such an important person in the room!.... Playground silliness, but I haven't laughed so much in weeks....I felt good! And that is the name of the game!

Check out "I haven't a Kazoo" for more info on their upcoming events!

Miss Sue Flay 


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