Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Great Tea Cup Trade... My American Trade-Off!

In February I was asked by a fellow Blogger (Faith, Hope & Cherry Tea) from America to get involved with her Great Tea Cup Trade... Well... how could I turn it down?....

I agreed to take part, and got very excited about the tea cup that I might get sent in the post from somebody else....Picturing another UK-based tea cup trader would send me a cute traditionally british floral teacup for my tea party table...

However, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was paired with a lovely lady called Sarah from the USA!... A fellow tea cup fan and a lover of all things vintage...she sent me the most beautiful package, even the packaging was bright and exciting!....

Wrapped up very well, I was so thrilled to find the most dainty floral teacup and saucer...but not only these goodies....Sarah was so kind as to send me a very pretty rose shaped pink side plate, a cute little spoon, a set of very small napkins and the most delicious pear tea I have ever tasted!

I could not believe just how generous she had been with her trade! What a lovely gift to have received...I was touched, especially by the beautiful hand made card she had made and sent with my treats.

I love them all so much, that they ALL have made an appearance at The Secluded (BOOK CLUB!) Tea Party in March....and You can see the photos of them all being used!.... The rose plate was used to host my Chocolate Ganache Truffles...and the napkins used at every place setting for my 12 fantastic guests.

Thank you SO much Sarah for your kind gifts... I love them ALL and it has been great getting to know you and your busy family via email (8 Kids...WOW! ; )

To see what I sent to Sarah in exchange....check out her blog here.

Miss Sue Flay 



  1. How beautiful! And...a book-themed party! I'm honored...thank you!!


  2. Oh, by the way, we found out yesterday our new baby is a girl! Kynthia Joy... so excited!

  3. AWW COngratulations Sarah!!! When are you due?? You better enjoy your new tea set whilst you still can hehe! xxx