Friday, 11 March 2011

Feel Good Friday...(Or at least trying to make it so!)

I feel far from good today haha...I have been struck down with that almighty bug that everybody has had and has now passed on...just before the weekend too!


Peeling myself out of bed for the last working day of the week was hard work in itself this morning! All I would have liked would have to been submerged in a hot bath and perhaps hiring a personal masseur to come and rub my neck pain away all day whilst I did nothing but happily mope around at that would have helped me to feel good!..... I think!?....

In reality...I moped off to work in my little car, feeling as though 5pm was a decade away.
Not so good!

On my way through I did, however, manage to conjour up the energy to whip in to my local coffee shop (Greens Coffee in Cambourne...FAB little place if you haven't been there!) and grab a Cranberry drink (Cranberries are supposed to be good for colds aren't they?!)...and a piece of their legendary Chocolate Brownie (Brownies are equally as good for colds are they not?!...)

My first hope for good feelings today....Perfectly simple...but pursued by (sniffly) happiness at elevenses hehe!

Not only did I have this simple pleasure to make today feel just a little bit better.... After speaking to a new speedy-cycling friend about the blog and what was actually going to make me feel good when all I wanted to do was stick my head in a huge vat of vaporub (!!!)...he suggested lemsip, sleep and aspirin....

....He wasn't far off the mark!....

And to finish off a simple yet feel good Friday.....I enjoyed an open air (liquid) lunch with a creamy hot chocolate at The Gog Magog Farmshop, where we managed to marginally miss a Kamikazee chicken in the car park, as well as get stared out by a creepy hissing turkey called Clive! Much to my amusement...but not so to the lovely Carlito's!

Not only did we get to spend our lunch hour with the residential poultry, but I enjoyed throwing a drool-coated ball for our furry canine friends who had joined us under the picnic table.

The two collies that trot happily around the farm are what makes it so appealing to me! So throw a ball for them is a different experience to throwing for my own pooch who just stares at me with a goofy look when I throw his ball....and I end up having to walk half a mile after it myself and point it out to him before he will retrieve it! hehe....

It makes me very excited about going home this evening and cuddling my own bundle of fluff, even if he is just a little bit simple!

Have a fantastic weekend!! And perhaps I will see some of you at Judy's Vintage Fair tomorrow at the Guildhall in Cambridge!...I will be the one sniffing out vintage aprons and a good strong cup of tea!


  1. What a lovely post! Am currently waiting out til 5pm and I wish I had had such a nice start to the day as you. Gog Magog Farm shop is such a lovely place to go for lunch :)

  2. Sorry to hear youve been unwell. Greens is my local coffee shop to! My daughter is addicted to the frappuccinos!!

    Loving the sound of your vintage tea party :)

  3. Deepa - Your Rhubarb cake made with the ingredients from the farm shop looked amazing!

    Sarah - Are you in Cambourne? ... Drop me an email at for a chat xxx