Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Cambridge Clandestine Cake Club - Our First Meet!

The first ever version of the Cambridge Clandestine Cake Club was hosted by the fantastic and very suitable venue in the form of Cambridge Cookery School, Owned and run by the lovely Tine Roche.

The theme for this Cambridge-First was *A Right Royal Knees Up*, in honour of this weekends' Royal festivities!.... If you don;t know who we are talking about, then where on earth have you been? hehe. 
It was a superb talking point for the guests who joined in, and we all discussed the beautiful gown that the bride had worn and how lovingly the handsome Prince had looked at his wife throughout the day. 
What a lovely talking point to have over Tea and Cake!

Our bakers did The Clandestine Cake Club Proud, pulling off the most delicious and creative cake creations for this afternoon.
Cakes included Pistachio, Spiced Honey, Coffee Curd & Chocolate, Lemon Drizzle, Chocolate & Chilli and a fab twist on the traditional Sachertorte.

We couldn't beat The Clandestine Cake Club Cake Slice record (Which was 11 slices in one sitting in Leeds!!!!)... But what we couldn't manage, was divided up towards the end and taken home for a second sitting later on in the day with our families haha! 
Nobody turned down the option of taking cake home... that's for sure!

We neatly tidied the Cookery School up after we had finished gossiping and gorging and sipping on our cups of tea.... and we thank the venue SO MUCH for their hospitality for this meet! 
What a treat and a privilege to be allowed to use this kitchen for our first of many Clandestine Cake Club meets!

To see more on The Clandestine Cake Club, started by the fabulously talented Bakelady 
(A fellow Underground Tea Party hostess : ) 
visit the ever-growing Clandestine Cake Club website!

And we hope to see some new Cambridge people .... and welcome back some old faces too, having all enjoyed this relaxed Saturday afternoon enjoying all things cake-y! 

One of our lovely guests, Sarah wrote this fab blog with her own photos of this event!

And, of course..... some photos to get you drooling.....


  1. It was so much fun :) thank you for Organising a lovely morning. Loved meeting like minded cake baking people. Do let me know when the next one is xx

  2. Hehe will do! And was great to finally meet you missy! On my doorstep too! If you ever need a taste tester, do give me a shout ; ) xx

  3. Oh, I'm so envious. I keep thinking I should try and organise one here, but manage to bring myself back to reality before I get carried away. I just don't have the time yet, but one day ......!

  4. That lemon drizzle looks amazing!

  5. Choclette- You should give it a go! So much fun!

    MsM - The Lemon Drizzle was lovely! Very tasty and light sponge too!. Perfect!