Monday, 9 May 2011

On the Defence ... How to survive a Zombie Encounter!

Have you ever asked yourself what exactly would you do in the event of a Zombie attack?!
What would happen if a virus broke out and turned us all into flesh hungry monsters as soon
as we came into contact with said virus?...Be it by being bitten, or coming into contact via a shared cuppa and a piece of cake?!....Should you ever share!?

How would you turn your house or place of work into a a safe base?!
Would you be able to consider quickly the pros and cons of each building type?... What if you decided to baracade yourself on to your third floor house, to then find yourself surrounded and unable to leave....?! 
What supplies would you need to survive and maintain a safe shelter?... And what would you do if you needed to move on and make a new one should it ever be over run by the blighters?!

What types of Tea and Cake would you take with you to live on?!...
This is a panic alone! ; )

What weapons would you use to protect yourself? - Your trusty KMix to whisk these beasts into submission?!... A sack of Potatoes to drop on their heads from a decent height?!.... A hot vintage cup full of Early Grey to throw in your enemies face?.... You need to think these things through!

How would you move around from town to village and back again?!
Would your local ice cream van cause too much noise and attention for those sugar-craving child zombies?!..... Perhaps one of those pesky Cambridge student's bicycles would be better as it is a lot quieter and no risk of running out of fuel.... Finally a use rather than a pain in the proverbial perhaps?!.... Haha

How far back does the Zombie attack plan even date?
Well, my friends, believe it or not, it has been said that our Egyptian friends even had a Zombie outbreak plan!!... Where they would run to I am uncertain.... The pyramids are a deathtrap at the best of times!....
Can you tell I have put a lot of thought into this eventuality... that could possibly... never...maybe... one day happen?! Haha.

Well... The Secluded ZOMBIE Tea will enable the Zombie entusiast in us all to enjoy an evening of fun and games and more geeky conversations on the possibility of an outbreak at a very Apocalyptic outdoor venue!... It won't disappoint! Trust me! - What choice might you have?!... Hehe

More info & Booking HERE... 

Miss (Zombie) Flay

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