Thursday, 5 May 2011

Tea Parties In The Press....

What a whirl wind the world of Secluded Tea Parties has produced over the last few months!!!... I am having a blast planning and plotting and chatting and meeting new cake-loving friends along the way! 

If you didn't know... I am now the very proud and smiley supplier of celebration layer cakes, home-made by myself (Choose from Lemon Curd, my own Coffee Curd or Forest Berry Sponge with lashings of Vanilla Buttercream!) 
to the lovely guys at The Cambridge Punting Company down on our very own River Cam!... Cake & Punting on a sunny afternoon on the backs... what more could you want?! : )

I have just sat back and taken stock of the personal progress that I am making, and have made since my first Tea Party, back in January...

So much has been discussed and so many lovely guests and fans of my blog have said such fantastic things about my alias and my afternoon tea parties.... And I have had fun meeting lots of local (and not-so local!) food fanatics and some very influential people along the way!

So this blog is in honour of all of you have made this work out for me and your continued support throughout this year! 

I know it sounds stinky-cheese-like here... But THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting me... be it offering me a venue for an afternoon... Coming to join me at afternoon tea for the afternoon.... Treating me to a cup of tea and a chat about cake in town... Or just your friendly emails (Some have even started up conversations from America and Australia amongst other countries!.... Amazing! : ) 

So.. Here are just a handful of lovely things that have been said and mentioned about me on your blogs and websites!.... Please do keep spreading the Tea Party word : ) 

This summer, I will be producing a lot more ideas to offer you all! 
So keep an ear to the ground and an eye on my blog page! 

My First ever Tea Party Review from The Secluded (NEW YEAR!) Tea Party in January 2011! From the lovely Deepa, Ireena, Maria and Nora

The LOVELY WRITE UP from my lovely friend, Sian Townsend, previously of Agenda Magazine.  

 Not forgetting the two most influential Underground Supperclub Hosts who have helped me with advice and their kind words over the last few months!.... Bakelady and MsMarmiteLover!

 The fabulous Lady Fenn... A local girl who actually goes by the name... (No... I won't give it away!) .. But she is very well known in Cambridge for her networking events! I love her and love her even more for blogging about me! More to come with Lady Fenn later!

After deciding it would be a good idea... more for personal pleasure and the chance to meet more tea and cake-loving people (!)... I am now hosting the Cambridge Branch of The Clandestine Cake Club! Our first meet was brilliant fun and more to come!
Thank you so much to Sarah for the lovely write up!...

Not forgetting my new Email pal, Sarah from Vermont, USA!... She was my Tea Cup Trade partner in February, and she sent me the most beautiful items for the Tea Party table! All of which were used for my Book Club Tea Party!



  1. Wow! didn't even know something like this was around in Cambridge...I am really looking forward to attending one of these events really soon. Do you know if there is a food bloggers club / food bloggers networking event in Cambridge? would love to be involved.

    I absolutely love your idea of hosting tea parties...

  2. I know of lots of food bloggers and foodies in Cambridge through my tea parties, so drop me an email at and would love to chat xxx