Monday, 4 July 2011

My Radio Debut With BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

On Friday 1st July I drove down to the BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Radio Station to enjoy my first radio experience as Miss Sue Flay, which was so much fun.

The lovely Liz Fraser hosted the hour that I appeared in, called the "Chat Lounge" where I was joined by another guest, children's author, Imbali Iserles.
We talked about Mother-In-Laws from hell (Mine is a saint, so I couldn't relate to that luckily!), landmarks worth saving (Mine being the Folly at Wimpole Hall which is now a crumbled mess and of course the Pyramids in Cairo, which are very interesting to visit if you ever get the chance to do so... They are not quite how they seem in the holiday brochures!
We also discussed our favourite secret places in Cambridge, that not many people know about, but should... Mine being the fabulous Plurabelle Books on Purbeck Road. In the summer you can sit outside in the lovely landscaped gardens, should you be able to peel yourself away from the book shelves in this huge secluded warehouse. We hosted a book club tea party there in March and it was heaps of fun!
Check them out if you haven't been there yet, you will all fall in love with them too.
We then got on to chat about my secluded tea parties, and how I run them, how I got started with the idea, what themes I have coming up and we just had a really relaxed hour or chatting. It was like meeting up with a group of friends for a gossip over a cup of tea and a slice of cake (Of which I baked a lemon curd and vanilla butter cream layer cake to woo them all with... the one problem being, it was such a hot afternoon that it had melted a little, but still tasted great hehe)

If you didn't get a chance to have a listen to my fantastic radio d├ębut, then you can tune in here (2 hours into it, with me waffling with the ladies in between songs) :

One song in fact, which I managed to weave into the play list at the last minute (Thank you so much to the production team for allowing it!!) was by Kate Garner, who recently performed and sang live at The Secluded (Vintage) Tea Party and Liz and her team fell in love with Kates music, which was just fantastic to see, as everybody should give her a listen and add her albums to their ipod track listings!... She is just brilliant and I am hoping to collaborate with her again in the near future. Perfect for any occasion needing live music and a local girl herself. 
Give her a listen and buy her music, it's a must have for any music collection.
We didn't get time to discuss the final point when you listen(ed), you will hear Liz say that we will discuss Punting and some very exciting cake related news... but we had to cut off which is a real shame!
The punting discussion was about my recently sold out punting and picnic event that I will be hosting in August with Lets Go Punting, with more exciting plans in the making with these guys. 

As well as that, if you didn't know by now, Fitzbillies is coming back to Cambridge with a bang.... They are re-opening later this summer, and it's welcome news from everybody who walks past their shop window at the moment. The new owners, Alison & Tim will make Cambridge proud with their plans to bring the famous Chelsea Bun back to our streets. Very exciting indeed!
Having worked for a local radio station a few years ago and taking part in a few voice overs myself whilst I was there, it wasn't as nerve racking as I had expected.I felt at home as soon as I arrived.
Watch this space, I may well make another appearance one day in the future!

Toodle Pip.

Miss Sue Flay

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