Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Secluded Zombie Itinerary

In the excitement of planning The Secluded ZOMBIE Tea Party, I headed down to my secret woodland location last Friday evening at the same time that this weekends' creepy festivities will commence and I managed to get a real feel for how it will all look with the sun setting and the darkness creeping up on the *Safe Zone* that we will be preparing to keep you all safe for a few hours... And it looks fantastic.
Perfect for a refuge if ever there was an outbreak in Cambridgeshire - Keep it in mind!
Safe from what I hear you ask?.... Well....Zombies.... Had you not figured out by now, that this Fridays' Zombie event is going to be based around the Z word and all things related to it.

We still have a few tickets left, and they will be on sale until Wednesday evening, so spread the word, and get a few more guests to join in this interactive and most fun evening that we have in store... it's going to be a fantastic way to chill out before the weekend, bring a few bevvies, enjoy our gory cake selection and meet our VIZ (Very Important Zombie!) guest who will be joining us from London to help get everybody in the zombie spirit.
Sean T Page, Author of "The Zombie Survival Handbook (UK)" will be joining us for a fantastic interactive element for this event, and he will also be bringing copies of his best selling book, so bring your pocket money to buy a copy and have him sign it especially for you!... Only £8 too... I will be first in the queue to get my copy and signed especially for this event!

To book your tickets (We have only 40 tickets available for this unique evening, and once they are gone they are gone!), go to http://www.wegottickets.com/secludedteaparty or email me for more info at
thesecludedteaparty@live.co.uk before this Wednesday at 10pm (Tomorrow!)
The exact location will be emailed to guests very shortly, and you will be given further instruction on what to expect. But we may not tell you everything just yet...

Optional chance to
dress up as a zombie to really get into it... Or just come in your *Survival Scruffs* for the evening... There is no pressure wither way, but don't come in your Sunday best Outfits... We are in the woods don't forget!.... Best dressed zombie will win some really cool prizes donated to us by Forbidden Planet, Burleigh Street in Cambridge. They have backed this and have had so much fun getting involved!
Our plans for the evening, however, have changed slightly now, and the itinerary will be as follows...and if you could all follow protocol to help keep us all safe within this time, well....that would much obliged....

Safety first - Don't make any foolish noises or moves during these frightening Zombie take over times.

arrive for 7.30pm precisely. If you are late, and you haven't let us know, then the lock down process may leave you outside as Zombie food. We don't want this, so don't be late. You have been warned.
7.30pm - 8.15pm will give you the chance to settle with your deckchairs, picnic blankets, booze, soft drinks, chat to friends and fellow guests and a warm welcome from your hosts for the evening. We will get you familiar with your surroundings.
8.15pm-9pm offers a spin on a zombie quiz with the zombied-up Mr Sean T Page himself. He will be asking you all a set of questions to get you thinking and laughing at the same time. A quiz with a few interesting twists and turns.... We say no more!
9pm-9.30pm will give you all the chance to chat to our resident Zombie Theorist and buy his book, have him print his bloody paw print on the inside cover and discuss your zombie-fuelled questions and theories with the man himself....and Miss Sue Flay alongside her Zombie-Knowledgeable venue owner too! Also a chance to grab your quartet of Zombie Cakes and grab a brew before we settle in for the evening.
9.30pm-9.35pm is where my VIZ's (Very Important Zombies) will award the best dressed Zombie prize to it's worthy winner, so dress to impress... Or totally freak out your fellow guests... creativity rocks, so get going on your ideas!
9.35pm-11pm will offer one of Miss Sue Flays most favourite zombie films for a little zombie-tainment before the evening comes to an end. Bring a blanket if you are a wussy Zombie at heart, as it may get chilly.
Approx 11pm will see that you are all set free back into the world, or the train, or your taxi or the local pub to creep out the general public... if you do, I will want to see photos of such disruption.

You are in the woods. Drive slowly and carefully, the roads are not like them city roads!

Bring your pocket money. Sean T Page has books to sell, and every zombie enthusiast should own a copy if they don't already. Hehe.

Bring a pen.

Go to the toilet before you come along.... We have outside Loos.. But not the usual luxurious offering that I would ensure we normally have for my guests I am afraid.

This is just for fun... Nobody will get hurt, or attacked. I hope.

Tell nobody where you are going EXACTLY until after the event. It's a secret location for a reason.

This is a first for The Secluded Tea Party, so any glitches, do bare with us!

And just have fun. Go with it, and run wild... There are no rules, within reason, so any ideas, do let me know!
See you on Friday I hope!

Miss ZOMBIE Flay 

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