Tuesday, 19 July 2011

"Thoughts From The Queen Of Tea Parties, Miss Sue Flay"

... That's me... And I feel honoured that Tea Box Online feel that I deserve this title hehe... And who am I to argue with such a grand one at that?!

In fact Tea Box Online have become one of mine and also one of my Tea Party guests most favourite tea suppliers, mainly because of the unique and exciting blends that they produce and sell online through their website. And when asked if I would write up a guest blog post, I jumped at the chance to let their readers, as well as my own know just how fantastic I think they are... and that is the complete truth - They are not bribing me to say good things, scouts honour! I just don't work that way. 
If I don't like it, I won't blog about it. Simple. 

Ever since I started serving tea and cake at The Secluded Tea Party, I have been nothing but honest when it comes to the most important element of my tea parties.... The Tea.

I am not a tea connoisseur, far from it and I feel it best not to claim that I am, otherwise I fear I could get myself into a lot of trouble saying so!

I have to admit, if it wasn't for the lovely Kirsty at
Tea Box, I am not sure that I would have the same excitement and passion for tea that I do have for it right now.  Not only is the service friendly and fast, the choice and quality of the tea is more than perfect.

I now regularly serve the Rooibos
Rhubarb & Custard at my afternoon tea events, and it takes my guests back to being a child again, sucking on those lovely sweets that we chose to go in our pick and mix bag in Woolworths - Do you remember those days? It is naturally sweet and caffeine free and it is a perfect addition to my tea menu. Not an event passes by with at least half of my guests wanting to sip on this blend and give it a very excited pour from their individual teapots.  This mix also makes for a really fun take on Iced Tea, and went brilliantly with my home-made fruit scones and Loganberry Jam on a recent picnic. My family loved me!

The Cricketer's Tea instantly drew me in as soon as I saw the name, purely because Mister Flay plays village cricket and it made me think of myself and my fellow cricket widows perched in deckchairs on a sunny Saturday afternoon watching the boys and clucking like hens over a pot of tea and a slice of cake. It makes up a lovely strong brew and has also held guests intrigue over this mix of Indian Assam and Sri Lankan Uva tea leaves.  And, if it even needed another selling point, it is also helping to raise money for The Broad Appeal, which gives you one further reason to buy a pack of this refreshing tea.

Such a real smell and taste to all of the
Tea Box blends, no nasties in any of them. This is the reason that I love coming back for more, because I have fun serving it and my guests have fun sampling it.

Next on the list is the
Mojito Iced Tea for my Al Fresco Summer tea parties!..... Watch this space.

Miss Sue Flay

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