Thursday, 21 April 2011


A few weeks ago, I blogged an offer not to be missed for any cake lover out there....

.... A proposal to give away one of my drool-inducing Victoria Sponges, Layered with beautifully piped Vanilla Buttercream and lashings of Locally made Forest Berry Preserve....It was the STAR of The Secluded Book Club Tea Party, and has got tongues wagging.... and that is just from the photos of the beastly cake hehe!....

....The catch? .... To trade me for something fun or exciting, that you feel would be worthy of my delicious cake!

Simple Catch, yet SO much fun to have read and received the handfuls of offers that came in, mostly by email for my birthday trade!....  Some of these items were things such as....
  • Vintage 3 Tier Cake Stand from @moinamac on Twitter!... They are so beautifully made!
  • Logo design by another Twitter friend of mine @munichbeer... Tempting... Very tempting!
  • Beautiful Shabby Chic Bag handmade by Lady Fenn at Trash Chic!... Check her out!
  • Jigsaw puzzle,Coffee & a Chat about Oils and Fats at Palazzo, Royston!Random! Love it!
  • 1 Month Membership with City Socialising!... I am joining regardless! What a fab site!
  • Gorgeous Bloom Earrings made by my lovely new Foodie Friend, Deepa at Lazy Giraffe!

It has been so exciting reading through these offers and ideas...and I am more than tempted to offer more than one cake to get a few of these LOVELY gifts haha!...So expect another trade off sometime soon!....

But, no!.... There must be only ONE trade off!..... And that Trade off was with a lovely lady called Tamsin, who emailed me to say that she had been following my blog ( I hadn't realised until her contact : ) and telling me that every baker needs a pair of good scales... Along with two photos of a lovely pair of retro scales that she had found whilst rummaging around in a vintage bric-a-brac shop in Bristol one day. Well!.... I fell in love, as I have been eyeing up a pair for some time, but the £70  price tag had been putting me off!... it was FATE! : )

She told me that she didn't need another set in her kitchen, as she already had a beautiful pair that had once belonged to her grandmother and that she would like to offer this set to the Secluded Tea Party HQ in exchange for my Birthday Cake, which would make a fantastic Birthday gift for her dear mother on 18th April!.... PLUS the offer of some beautiful tasting rosebud tea that she would let me sample..... It was the perfect Trade.. And the tea was amazing!... I LOVE Rose infused Tea more and more every time I try a new blend! And it goes VERY well with cake! Hehe 
Tamsins Mum also enjoyed her own birthday which makes me feel really good for helping a little!

Thank you so much to all of the offers that you made me for this trade.... Needless to say... I will be making another offer in the coming months... It was so exciting and I had a fantastic Birthday : )

Miss Sue Flay x

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