Monday, 4 April 2011


Seeing as it a short week this week for me hehe....and I am feeling more and more excited about my up and coming Birthday celebrations (The big day is this Saturday 9th April : ) ... I am off to Brighton to let my hair down for a few days with a lovely group of friends, amongst many other celebrations over the coming week!...So excited!

I have a one-off proposal...and there is a time limit to get your name in the draw!.....

I have decided to GIVE AWAY one of my big, light and fluffy Victoria Sponge Cakes....Layered with lashings and lashings of piped Vanilla Buttercream and a locally-made Forest Berry Preserve...COMPLETE WITH BIRTHDAY CANDLES! 
You could share it in your office...Or enjoy it with your friends and family... and I won't even judge you if you eat it by yourself hehe! ; )  


....It is one of my most delicious concoctions so far, and it was the piece de resistance at my latest Tea Party (Book Club Edition!)....It was a FANTASTIC Tea Party and my guests made it an event to remember!

If you would like to get your hands on this Amazing -Tasting Layer Cake...made by my own fair hands.... All you have to do is trade it for your own wares as YOUR Birthday gift to ME.... hehe

It could be ANYTHING from a Home-made gift or Birthday Card....Just your words of wisdom.... Treating me to a cup of tea and an interesting chat about all things Cake-y when I deliver your decadent cake!.... Or even exchanging your favourtie dish, cake or recipe that you would love to share with me in exchange for my moreish Vicky Sponge!!......

I am open to offers within this exchange...and the more FUN, LOOPY, THOUGHTFUL, CREATIVE or *OUTSIDE THE BOX* that your idea is....The more chance you will have to exchange your gift with my tasty birthday cake!

TO ENTER THE DRAW... all you need to do is either reply to this post with your proposal or send me an email to titled *BIRTHDAY CAKE TRADE OFF!* 

.... Couldn't be easier!

Be sure to tell me EXACTLY what you wish to trade with me...with as much detail as you are prepared to give me... (I won't ask for clarification, so make it clear : )


I CAN'T WAIT to see what I get to choose from to trade with my fellow bloggers and followers for my Birthday... I am excited already!

Let the offers commence!.....

Miss Sue Flay

PS- A HUGE Happy Birthday to all my fellow bloggers who will be celebrating their big day this week too!!


  1. I'm not entering this as I think getting the cake to Cornwall maybe a little tricky, but it's a really fun idea and I hope you get some good offers. Cake looks amazing.

  2. Aww thank you, please do spread the word... I am looking forward to the closing date already...had some FANTASTIC entries via email so far!.... Exciting : )

  3. Hello!
    Gosh that cake looks amazing, that would do me for dinner I think. hehe.

    I think a suitable trade off from me would be some jewellery, my trade off would be one of my best selling pieces of jewellery - these cute Bloom Studs :)

  4. I would love to enter but I think N Cheshire is a bit far away booo :( Your cake looks really really good! I have never tried to make a victoria sponge & I'm really wondering why!

  5. Hehe that is exactly why I made one! It was delicious!!... I can highly reccomend it! x