Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Music Behind....

.... The Secluded (EASTER) Tea Party!

Some of my favourite tunes and anthems were included in this Tea Party mix,
all of which I felt went well together for this relaxed Saturday afternoon event with my 
19 Easter Tea Party guests.

And if they didn't hear them all... then here are a few links to my most favourite tracks : )
Well worth a listen! 
.....  I think so anyway! 
Stick your Earphones in, or turn your speakers up and give them a listen! 

One of these talented lovelies are in fact going to be playing LIVE at The Secluded (Vintage!) Tea Party in June!.... Can you guess who it is?!.... EXCITING!!!!

 Kate Garner - "Happy Go Lucky You"

Imelda May - "Meet You At The Moon"

 Lightspeed Champion - "Everyone I know Is Listening To Crunk"

 Lissie - "Record Collector"

David Bowie - "Heroes"

 Feist - "1234"

Angus & Julia Stone - " Big Jet Plane"

 Elton John - " Bennie And The Jets"

The Kinks - "Sunny Afternoon"

Husky Rescue - "City Lights"

Ray Lamontagne - "You Are The Best Thing"

 The Shins - "Caring Is Creepy"

If you have any favourite chilled out tunes... or maybe some awesome Indie, Opera or even Rock anthems that could be used... Anything at all!... For my themed Tea Parties... then please do suggest them! I am always looking to explore new music... and only know what I know.... So do educate me, should you have a golden oldie, or the perfect soundtrack to your life!.....I would LOVE to hear them!.... : )

Miss Sue Flay 
: )

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