Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Birthday in Brighton ... And other places!

SO SORRY for the lack of posting...I have just taken a well needed break away from my Laptop and I feel miles better for it!...All fresh faced and ready to make April a FANTASTIC month!

I have all sorts of things to share about my mini holiday!... There wasn't just one thing that was fantastic about my birthday celebrations this past week!..There were many! 
Too many to mention right now in fact!...Hehe.

So... To show you what I did get up to, I am going to share my favourite photos with you from my adventures in (A VERY SUNNY : ) Cambridge and Brighton, where I enjoyed a relaxing break with friends and family.... They will give you an insight into my favourite moments!

Home-made Scones using "Chocolat Chocolat" Dark Choc Buttons - Devine!

Mac Make-Up Lesson in Cambridge for my 50's Style Tea Party face!  

Life-Changing Cake (Apparently!) and Bathroom Artwork in The Marwood Cafe, Brighton!

Beautiful and Sunny Brighton Beach on my Birthday morning! : )  

Birthday breakfast at JB's American Diner with beach view!- Vanilla Milkshake an' all!  (Such a child!)

Graffiti on Brighton streets... Such a tourist! 

 A Cuppa in my lovely Birthday Teacup from the Sleaford 3! 

Brighton Beach... Relaxing both Day and Night!  

Weird Goings-on at "The Mesmerist" (Fantastic Pub/Chop House!) 

Afternoon Tea with 18 friends and family members and take away goodies at By Jove, Burwell.... PERFECT Sunday Afternoon!  

 The CUTEST Piglets at Burwash Manor Barns! I want one (And Not to eat!!)

Just a Huge and Cheesey THANK YOU to everybody involved in my few days off, I had such a nice break, I feel like I have been off for weeks! 



  1. Yay, Happy Birthday! What a lovely weekend you had.
    The Mac make up lesson looks fab.

  2. Love the make up! and Pip china! looks like you had a fab birthday weekend xx

  3. It was fantastic! One of those weekends that felt like two weeks abroad! Was better than we could have ever hoped! : )
    HIGHLY rate Mac if you ever want to treat your face! x

  4. Was so happy to discover this link to your birthday. What a great time. I love your piglet friend, it looks like a great time. I am still eyeing that cake, haha,

    xx Claudia

  5. Hehe It was the best birthday ever! Loved everything about it! And the piglets were so cute!.;.. But naughty pup left in the car was munching on our pizza (Box and All!) Whilst we were playing with them haha!... Was eventful! ; )