Monday, 20 May 2013

Ask Me Anything - My Answers

Last week I gave my readers & followers the chance to publicly ask me absolutely anything.  No rules, no topics, just to ask "Miss Sue Flay" a question... and for me to answer it as best I can.  Miss Sue Flay I have to say, I was inspired by the very talented & crafty lady, Claire Wilson who is better known online as Claireabellemakes. She did this and it inspired me to see what my followers would ask of me.  To say I was a little nervous was an understatement, but you have been lovely and very amusing in this little experiment, so thank you to all who posted me a question! So here are the questions that were asked of me, along with my answers, I hope you enjoy the randomness of these as much as I did! What part of your life do you find the most challenging and why? (Claire) Good question, I find so much difficult it's hard to pick ; ) Believe it or not, I'm a shy girl and speaking publicly petrifies me. I've recently spoken at two different events & have been asked to do a talk at a huge home makers event in London, I'm scared witless, but my stubborn nature stops me from saying no. I like to challenge myself, no matter how much it scares me... how boring would life be if I said no all the time?! I have no idea why it scares me so much, as I can usually make sense of what I'm trying to say, I guess it just comes down to confidence and it took a long time for me to gain anything resembling that, but am getting there slowly, but surely- I can thank my lovely friends lately for being so supportive! Cambridge Bake Off When was the last time you ate a cupcake? ; ) (Deepa) Deepa knows all too well how much I used to LOVE cupcakes haha... then I fell out of love with the little blighters. I have a real love/hate relationship making them to say the very least. I'm not 100% why I must say. A slight pain, seeing as I had one tattooed onto the top of my left foot a few year ago, bugger! In fact, I now run a private household for a Cambridge-based family part time, it's great fun and I get to bake with the lads in the kitchen, which I absolutely love doing. As they are young, they love making cupcakes, so I did in fact make some of my infamous Oreo cupcakes last Friday and I "May" have nibbled on one as a result... ahem! 
Have you ever gone to teach a class at someone's house to find their kitchen in a dirty state? How do you cope with that? (Victoria) Actually Victoria, this is a slight fear of mine... but I am very lucky to be able to say (to date!) I have been very lucky in the kitchens I've been invited to help bake with students, they have all been fabulous. Even the smallest kitchen I taught in had the most STUNNING collection of Emma Bridgewater china proudly nestled in a space saving cupboard above the oven - I was in my element! Ask me again in a year, once I've really got going - eek! The biggest problem with teaching in the winter was actually teaching in freezing cold kitchens (especially when it snowed) and having to keep the buttercream for certain cakes from freezing solid, it was that cold in some homes, including my own, it was a bit of a technical nightmare that I have had to learn to cope with fast and on the spot. Kids Baking Lesson What would the 10 year old version of you think of you now and the person you've become? (Scott) Wow, a question I have no idea how to answer. When I was 10 I wanted to be a policewoman if I remember correctly, I was a tom boy really and was probably equally as scary as I may come across now in hostile situations. I would have made a mighty fine copper, however, as for most of us, those mainstream jobs go out the window when you start your working life. I've done everything from working in a stables, opticians, chemist, dolls house shop, boring admin jobs in various offices, through to chasing a career in events & hospitality. None of them were meant to be for me, I was too strong minded and had my own ideas of wanting to work for myself. I think my new business ventures would confuse the 10 year old me, I wouldn't have got it, but I would have thought the cakes I make are awesome and I would have wanted to lick the bowl every time I saw my 29 year old self baking something, that's for sure! Whats your top tip for icing cupcakes? (Victoria)  Don't handle the buttercream too much, otherwise it will start to melt... especially important in hot weather. Use a large drinking glass to place your piping bag over, then hold the glass when topping up the piping bag so you don't touch the sides with your fingers. This way you don't need to handle the buttercream until you are ready to pipe your cakes. William Hanson and Miss Sue Flay Jamie, no I can't bring myself to write your question and answer it, it's just too crude for this blog post hehe  - trust you! ; p Miss Sue Flay

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