Friday, 10 May 2013

Ask Me Anything

I have felt inspired to lay myself (potentially) very bare here and offer you the 
chance to ask me ANYTHING

you can ask me anything you like... 
but, "try" to keep it clean ; p 

After reading the lovely Claireabellemakes blog allowing her followers to
 do this on several blog posts, I felt inspired to ask my followers to do the same for me and have a little fun with it... 

So, go for it... either leave a comment below or email me directly at 

or ask a question on Twitter @MissSueFlay

or on Facebook here

Is there anything you really want to learn about me? 

Perhaps you have a burning question that you've never had to chance to ask? 

Do I intrigue you and have you wondering why I do or say certain things? 

I do tend to waffle about a lot through my blog and social media, but this could be fun... 

I will post the questions & my answers up next Friday (17th May) for a bit of a laugh and I will link you to each question, should you have a blog or social media page you want me to mention. 

So go for it, do your worst ; ) 


Miss Sue Flay 


  1. What part of your life do you find the most challenging and why?

  2. When was the last time you ate a cupcake? ;)

  3. Have you ever gone to teach a class at someones house to find their kitchen in a dirty state? How do you cope with that?

  4. All great questions ladies hehe.... watch this space for the answers ; )