Sunday, 19 May 2013

What Miss Sue Flay Did Next...

I just wanted to set the record straight on my new plans as of... well... today really!

For 3 years I've been hosting my Secluded Tea Parties, making cakes and hosting events all based around Afternoon Tea. I've had such a ball, but it was more of a hobby for me, a sideline whilst I was working full time. 

In February, I found out that I was being made redundant from my job and it was more of a shock than I thought it would be, as I knew it was coming since October last year for various reasons. So it's been a slightly stressful time moving forward, but I've come to a decision. 

I want to be self employed. Be my own boss. Suit myself. Earn my own money. Have some fun whilst making a name for myself. 

The business people around me have beyond inspired and supported me through my changes over the coming months and I can't thank them enough. 

I've decided to change the way I do business, mainly to make things simpler for me and for my fans/followers/readers/customers.

My new website launches this week at and I have a new logo which brands ME rather than the playful "Mad Hatters" theme I've lived by for a few years, it's time to become a little more sophisticated and adult with my future brand - and I LOVE it!

I am no longer going to be offering cakes to order or Afternoon Tea treats to buy, for various reasons, however, I will be offering the following (all of which is fantastic for individuals, couples, families and groups of any kind):

Baking lessons in your own home
Afternoon Tea Etiquette workshops in Cambridge 
Household management and etiquette -move over super nanny, Miss Sue Flay is here! 
Events - watch this space for news on upcoming events, they will continue naturally

It's an exciting and refreshing change and I'm loving all the new challenges that I have taken on, I even had a surreal experience or two over the last two months including having lunch with Gregg Wallace and teaching a Japanese pop star how to bake her very own Afternoon Tea, which was a huge amount of fun and a blog post will follow on both shortly ; ) 

For all your gift experience, baking lesson, hen party, baby shower, birthday celebrations and much more besides, I'm your woman!

Miss Sue Flay 


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