Thursday, 30 May 2013

Gift Experiences For Fathers Day

Fathers Day is coming - if you didn't know already! And what on earth are you going to buy your old man or the kids dad this year? Kids Baking Lesson Every year it gets harder and harder, especially when they don't want for anything and another set of novelty golf tees just aren't going to cut it! Well, look no further, Miss Sue Flay will sort you out and help you to book a Fathers Day experience like no other - She will help you to win him over in a heart beat! You can book a baking lesson in his own home, either to help him brush up his skills or learn to bake full stop. It can be tailored to his likes, so can be as simple or as technical as he would want it to be, you can even let your old man choose his own recipes once he knows what his gift is... It's very flexible indeed. Or you can book to join him or have a family baking lesson, getting the children involved, baking up a storm over an hour or two, then sitting down to your very own Afternoon Tea afterwards to enjoy the goodies you've made together. Perfect. Fathers Day What could be better than the smell of a freshly whipped up Victoria Sponge and some fruit scones & all the trimmings with a pot of dads favourite tea?! If your dad isn't into the baking at all, but you want to learn a few new skills to bake for him, then we can do this too... make it your own and give him something very special and personal this Fathers Day. Some of the recipes you can learn to make: Chocolate Malteaser Layer Cake Cinnamon Streusel Scones Salted Caramel Ritz Cake Giggle Cake Profiterole Tower Orange & Cinnamon Curd Retro Sweets Show Stopper Cake Cherries & Cream Cupcakes Cookies & Cream Cheesecake Truffles Meringue Kisses Tuck Shop Cake On the flip side of that, your old gaffer could be more into the eating than the baking, so why not book an Afternoon Tea Etiquette Workshop instead? You can now book a private afternoon tea etiquette session with a luxurious afternoon tea in a very relaxed City Centre venue in Cambridge to include a selection of delicate finger sandwiches, scones, cakes and sweet treats and, of course, copious amounts of top quality tea as we converse. Practice the art of conversation, enjoy some fabulous tea & cakes or use it as an excuse to spend some time with your family, it's a superb way to while away an afternoon. Or, again, why not book Miss Sue Flay to visit you in your own home or venue of your choice, should you prefer to make or source your own Afternoon Tea? Fathers Day Etiquette Topics you will learn throughout your session include: History of afternoon tea Napkin etiquette Scones - Jam then cream? Or cream then jam? Milk then tea or tea then milk? Hosting manners Good guest etiquette Table manners - why they matter Dressing for afternoon tea Polite table talk - and putting it into practice Excusing yourself Plus much more besides! This is the "ultimate finishing school for afternoon tea" and your manners will increase ten fold… we hope! On reflection, perhaps YOU (my dearest reader) are the father and you want to treat YOUR family for a change? Who needs tradition?!... Let's get plotting any which way you choose. To book or discuss one of the above packages & simple pricing structure in further detail, simply email: Or visit: Tea Party And most importantly... Happy Fathers Day!   Photos courtesy of Liquid Photo

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