Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Gaiwan....Gaiwan..... Gaiwan.....

"........A What????!!!" i hear you say.......

......A Gaiwan......Come on..... You know!!!???

Of course you do.......Don't you??

No. I didn't know what a Gaiwan was either, until i found one (Completely unknown to me, including the name whilst looking at this very cute and teacup-like item) in Oxfam the other day.

In fact, i didn't just find one, i found THREE of them! ....A very very tiny looking teacup, with no handle, the most delicate little lid sitting on top, placed in a sturdy but very smart looking saucer, simply decorated with a floral motif on one side.

I stood there scratching my head for a bit, wondering if perhaps i was being silly, and thought that perhaps they were just really lovely matching sugar bowls....????.... but then of course they weren't....why would you have 3 matching sugar bowls in saucers? haha.....I was on to something here!

So i bought them. Just because of the cuteness and dinky-ness of them! And my first and only thought was of course.....WOW....These would look fantastic at The Secluded Tea Party table, in between my other varying colours, shapes and sizes of teacups and saucers. And just how much FUN these will be for my guests to drink out of!

So i purchased them from the very unwelcoming gentleman at the counter... usually that would bother me...manners cost nothing(!)..... but i was so excited about my find that it didn't matter today!

And now i am sat here at my desk with my Gaiwan full of my mid morning Lady Grey, and (ahem) a piece of Toffee, Pecan and Cranberry cake.... It would be rude not to blog about this. Honestly.

The simple things in life..... Gaiwans are the new small joy in my life..... And i hope it to be in my fellow guests life too when they visit The Secluded Tea Party and are lucky enough to have been sat at the place with a Gaiwan waiting to be used.

Sipping from a delicate Gaiwan feels very grown up and very civilised. Almost cultured.
And that was before i had learnt the history of the Gaiwan, first created during the Ming Dynasty.
The Gaiwan is also suitable for any type of tea and is the preferred method for brewing green and white teas as the porcelain absorbs the heat and so does not damage the tea.

So there you go.

Why not visit The Secluded Tea Party and sip your tea from a Gaiwan....?



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