Monday, 27 September 2010

Parcel Hogs!

I Have been away this weekend in not-so-sunny suffolk.

However on my return I did notice that Royal Mail had tried to deliver a parcel for Miss Sue Flay ( first parcel under my Alias hurrah : )  and that apparently it was too large to fit through my letter box....EVEN MORE EXCITING!!!!

So today I trundled over to the post office with my card, suddenly realising that my real name and ID was not going to match the card/parcel name....queue PANIC and trying to look as "Normal" and un-Suspect as possible..whilst doing so, I most likely looked the most UN-Normal and MOST suspect person funny I must have looked in that reception trying not to panic that I might not be able to claim my very OWN parcel....

However....the box came out, and the guy passed it straight ID was asked of me, and away I walked....
....Slightly bemused that he hadn't asked me for any form of ID, I could have been anyone (!?!).... but as my secret identity was already confusing things in my own mind, I decided not to complain this time. Probably for the best. The poor old boy behind the counter didn't look like the kind of guy that would appreciate somebody with an alias to come along and confuse him unnecessarily.

So off I skipped.

The parcel was from the lovely Alex at who had sent me some bits and pieces to put on The Secluded Tea Party table, including some excellent colourful Tea Menus that my guests will be able to select their tea from! - Very helpful indeed. (THANK YOU ALEX!! -YOU ARE A STAR!!! : )

I now also have the start of my tea selection and these include the following:

English Breakfast
Darjeeling Earl Grey
Bollywood Chai Tea
Moroccan Green Tea with Mint
Super Fruit Tea (Caffeine Free)

I have tried all but one of these so far...and they are all equally as refreshing and tasty and I am enjoying each and every one.

I am hoping to try some of the more adventurous sounding teas shortly, such as their Popcorn Tea, or their Rooibos Creme Caramel Tea. They sound very naughty indeed! Just what I like. 

Tea Pigs Tea is the Ideal offering alongside my tasty treats, so I hope that my guests will enjoy them as much as I am enjoying trying them : )




  1. Well done on getting that parcel. I had a similar situation, only they did ask me for ID - urghhh! In the end I had to go home and get some proof that I lived at that address. I've sort of been hoping that somehow teaoigs will find me and want to send me some of their chocolate tea, I can't but help these delusions of grandeur.

  2. Their Chocolate tea is delicious! You MUST try it.
    I have still to try the Rooibos Creme Caramel, but this is the next to try : )