Wednesday, 29 September 2010

My Secret (And Not So Secret) Blog readers....

Yesterday i was THRILLED to see that i had an email waiting in my inbox from a "secret" reader and general fan of my waffling.... and said reader is in fact from my part of the world, the lovely (Not-So-Sunny!) Cambridge...How EXCITING!! : )

She went on to tell me that she is very keen to join The Secluded Tea Party and she sounds like a very interesting guest indeed, so it has been great to get to know her a little, and learn that there are readers out there lurking quietly....following my random posts!

And then there are my not so secret followers, such as the delightful and lovely Julie and Becky (just!) accross the pond! It is just such a shame that my US (virtual!) friends are not able to join the table!

However, the idea of perhaps hosting a tea party that would incorporate my foreign wannabe guests has been discussed, and some very exciting outcomes have been decided! (You will have to hold on for a bit to find out how this will happen i am afraid ; )

So....Worry not!....Should you be stuck at the top of Mount Snowden......stranded at the bottom of Cheddar Gorge.... sailing (Or should that be rowing?!) on Loch Ness...or indeed, from another country entirely! You may well still be able to access The Secluded Tea Party in time : )

Do come and say hello if you are lurking there on the edge...out there in the darkness... reading my blog.... i would love to hear from you!!




  1. Hey : ) GREAT to hear from you!
    Cornwall is on my holiday destination next year whilst touring the coast in a VW Camper Van : )
    So this could be do-able should there be enough willing participants in your area hehe xx

  2. Hi

    I love your blog so I gave you an award

    Have a fab weekend

    Natasha x