Friday, 10 September 2010

Would you like to get involved with what appears on the Secluded Tea Party Table or at the Venue itself?

I am looking for donations of any kind ... anything you might like to donate to The Secluded Tea Party for the first event? ... Do you have a special
talent that you would like to offer (Perhaps singing, busking or some sort of
entertainment? - or perhaps you know somebody who would like to get involved for a laugh and something a bit different?)


...Perhaps you have a craft or item that you might want to see appear at The Secluded Tea Party table? Photos will be taken and items will be mentioned...however weird, wonderful or wacky : ) 

Perhaps you make Handmade Chocolates that you would like to give away to the first 10 guests at the party?

If you would like to get involved in any way you wish, please do get in touch.... i would LOVE to hear from you : )





  1. Certainly an interesting idea if one lives near enough.

  2. Please do try it one day, summer (Next year now i should imagine haha) will be lovely in the propsed locations : )

    MSF x