Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A Jammy Revelation

All i am going to say is this.




= A very Jammy Revelation!

I picked up this interesting sounding condiment from a Cambridgeshire Farm Shop last week, and did consider that my guests could eat this as an interesting filling in my sandwiches..... But i hadn't quite convinced myself that this was a good idea.....

....So when i got home i made a Garlic Jam Sandwich....and do you know, this was really quite tasty, and not as scary as it sounds!

It is a very sweet spread, and although my mother did ask me the next morning if i had eaten garlic for my breakfast (In fact, YES, yes i had.... i had a Garlic Jam sandwich for my breakfast because i was enjoying it so much haha!) - I wasn't going to admit this, but i did. In fact Mr Fley did too ; )

So expect to try something new at The Secluded Tea Party.... If you would care to do so : )
(And if not, then i will have some safe options for you all to try too!....)




  1. This sounds wonderful to me - I love jam and I love garlic! I made a terrific condiment a couple of weeks ago for some fried green tomatoes that was basically sweet pickle relish and garlic, and the sweet and garlic together was really nice... I'm going to try this...


  2. I would love some recipes!
    I really want to try to home make Red Onion Chutney... do you have any tried and tested ideas?
    Let me know how the Garlic Jam goes! : )
    MSF x